About Golightme Candles

How it all began...

In 2012 Co-Owner Leanne was pregnant with her second child and wanted to work from home to be around for the children so she approached her twin sister Marise with a business proposal they would never regret. With Golightly as their surname and an entrepreneur candle company it seemed GOLIGHTME was the perfect name for their new venture, they were literally born to do this!

Marise & Leanne wanted to create a scented candle that looked good and had a great scent throw so after tonnes of testing they finally had the perfect recipe! The recipe of course, is and always will be a trade secret between the twins!

With 3 trade shows under their belt at Harrogate Home & Gift they were soon racking up the orders, to cope with demand they invested in bigger industrial size equipment and the business they grew from nothing is now quite impressive.

For futher information about Golightme Candles or if you would like to make an enquiry please feel free to contact us.